Gunmen attack security patrol in Yemen’s Aden

Gunmen attack security patrol in Yemen’s Aden

Unknown militants launched an attack on a security patrol in the southern port city of Aden, pro-coalition police forces reported on Monday.

According to Al-Mawqea Post, police said in a statement that one of their patrols was attacked in the block 21 neighbourhood of Mansoura district.

According to the statement, emergency forces of the Aden Security Department in the coalition-backed government, led by Colonel Mohammed Hussein al-Khaili, carried out a security campaign to establish temporary checkpoints and carry out night patrols to maintain security and stability when they were attacked.

“At 11 PM, an emergency security patrol in Aden in Block 21 was attacked by unknown assailants, and a security officer was injured and taken to hospital. The security forces chased the attackers who barricaded themselves in houses. The attackers used light weapons and RPG missiles against the security forces,” the statement read.

Aden and other southern provinces have been witnessing assassinations and security disorder since the United Arab Emirates occupation forces took control over the city.