Gulf State to host US-brokered peace summit soon, report says

Gulf State to host US-brokered peace summit soon, report says

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s current visit to the region “is part of Washington’s efforts to lay the foundation for the peace summit to be held in the Arab Gulf states in the next few weeks,” the daily “Israel Today” newspaper has stated.

The summit will be held in one of the Gulf states,” the newspaper stated, quoting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying.

According to the paper, the United States is trying to “secure the participation of Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, Sudan and Chad, along with Israel and the UAE.”

“Other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, have not yet confirmed their participation in the summit,” it added.

The source was quoted as saying that before and during Pompeo’s visit to Israel, US officials told Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and other senior Palestinian government officials that Washington “would be happy for the Palestinians to take part in the summit, and that Pompeo would like to hand Abbas an invitation in person in Ramallah.”

However, Abbas and his aides “rejected the messages out of hand and even sent the message that Pompeo is not welcomed in Ramallah,” according to an Emirati source.

Donald Trump has been trying to drum up support for his so-called “Deal of the Century” ever since his election. The US plan is to lure or force several governments of Islamic and Arab nations to support the Zionist entity and occupation of Palestine. The United Arab Emirates recently already officially announced they will be supporting the Zionist colonial state.