Video: Yemeni operations against al-Qaeda and Daesh in Bayda

Video: Yemeni operations against al-Qaeda and Daesh in Bayda

The military media of the Yemeni army has on Wednesday released a new video footage of the liberation of Qaifah district from al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) terrorist elements.
The footage showed the moment when army personnel and the Popular Committees marched on vehicles and a number of military pickups and tanks used by the terrorists, and infantry units marched towards al-Qaeda strongholds and schools.

The incursions began from the Nofan mountain, which overlooks large areas of the area.

The scenes showed Daesh and al-Qaeda elements fleeing the battlefield, as army and Popular Committees advanced to the remaining positions of the terrorist forces.

The scenes highlighted the extent of preparation made by Daesh and al-Qaeda elements, their large combat fortification, and the support they received in terms of coalition airstrikes, which confirms the extent to which the Saudi-led forces and the terrorists organisation collaborate.

Several tents with the inscription “Saudi Arabia” were found, as well as a health insurance card issued from Riyadh Central Hospital, carried by terrorist Naji Ahmad Deifallah.

Moreover, a huge amount of Saudi money was also found under the name of the so-called “guests of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Program”.