Yemeni port authority warns of catastrophic humanitarian consequences as result of fuel shortage

Yemeni port authority warns of catastrophic humanitarian consequences as result of fuel shortage

Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation (YRSPC) has  confirmed that diesel fuel needed to operate the equipment and machinery of the Hodeidah and Salif ports will soon run out.The Corporation warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in the event that the operational process of its ports stops.

“The fuel stocks in the ports of Hodeidah and Salif in the reservoirs are about to run out,” the Corporation stated in a statement on Wednesday, fearing of not being able to continue to provide humanitarian and relief ship reception services to the Yemeni people.

It strongly condemned the continuation of the aggression’s intention to detain the ships of oil derivatives, without giving any consideration to the United Nations’ appeals and demands to release them and to allow them to enter Hodeidah port to cover the basic and essential needs of all service sectors in contact with the lives of citizens.

The Corporation called for neutralizing the service sectors from the systematic targeting by the coalition of aggression and lifting the ban on the corporation’s ports,  blaming  the countries of aggression and the UN with full responsibility for all the consequences of stopping the operational process of the ports of Hodeidah and Saleif in case the aggression coalition continues to detain the ships of oil derivatives.

It sent an urgent distress call to the international community to intervene urgently and exert pressure on the countries of the aggression to quickly release the oil ships.

The Red Sea ports renewed its call to the United Nations to take serious and real action to lift the blockade on Yemen and enable all oil derivative ships to reach the port of Hodeidah.

It also renewed its warning of the disastrous consequences of the escalation of the siege and slow death methodology in recent periods, targeting the entire Yemeni people.