Mass protest against UK mass deportations

Mass protest against UK mass deportations

A group of human right activists and anti-deportation campaigners have on Saturday held protests in the United Kingdom, denouncing the forced deportation of asylum seekers.

The protesters demanded a stop to the deportation of asylum seekers who have been detained at Brook House prison in southern London, particularly Yemeni refugees.

Protests, which took place in the cities of Sheffield and Brighton have received strong support from many British humanitarian and human rights organizations, as well as some MPs who have rejected the decision to deport asylum seekers.

Earlier, British authorities have deported a number of migrants who arrived in the UK illegally, including Yemenis.

Most of the deportees come from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, Iran and Kuwait.

A number of organisations have begun collecting signatures in order to protest against deportation policy, according to the Swedish Information Center.

Activists have called for the closure of the Brook House detention centre, posted an online petition to collect signatures in protest against the government’s policy, which it will address to British Home Secretary Priti Patel.