UAE-backed separatists accuse Saudi Arabia of hindering Riyadh agreement

UAE-backed separatists accuse Saudi Arabia of hindering Riyadh agreement

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Monday officially  accused Saudi Arabia of running a plan to dismantle its factions while hindering the implementation of the Riyadh agreement.

Rami al-Samadi, one of the STC leaders, loyalist to Shallal Shayea said that Saudi Arabia is preventing the return of the former Director of Aden Security, Shalal Shayea, from returning to carry out the process of receiving and handing over to the new director, which was hindered by the implementation of Riyadh, agreement under which Al-Hamidi was appointed director of Aden security.

He pointed out that his forces are ready to respond to the Saudi ban on the return of common, pointing out that Riyadh is running a plan to destroy the southern forces by targeting the regimes inside these units, changing the statements , dropping names and delaying salaries.

This coincides with Saudi pressure on the council to drive its factions out of Aden.

On Sunday, the STC factions began an escalation against Saudi forces running Aden by closing the gates of Saudi-led coalition headquarters in the area of Bir al-Naja Al Buraiqeh district, in a protest at salary delays.

Although the STC tries to escalate with a demand paper, the timing of the escalation indicates that the council rejects Riyadh’s efforts to implement the military component and other demands that might end its future, such as opening a front in Yafei and allowing a military brigade for Hadi to station in Aden and sending his fighters to Marib and handing over Abyan.