UAE occupation force names new “governor” of Socotra

UAE occupation force names new “governor” of Socotra

Saudi-Emirati occupation forces have on Tuesday appointed a “new governor” for the Island of Socotra, local sources said.

The sources confirmed that a commander by the name of Abdul Rahman al-Hajji has handed over administration of Socotra province to a leader of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) named Saleh Ali

The sources explained that the selection of Saleh Ali as governor of the island comes just two months after the expulsion of governor Ramzi Mahrous, who was affiliated with the Islah Party.

On Monday, violent clashes broke out between STC militias and Saudi occupation forces near Socotra airport, which led to the closing of the external gate.

According to observers, the clashes are being directed by the UAE in order to remove Saudi forces, as part of the UAE’s efforts to control on the island.

The STC militia took control over the island of Socotra in June, with the apparent goal of establishing Emirati control there.