Infighting of coalition-backed factions continues in Taiz

Infighting of coalition-backed factions continues in Taiz

UAE-backed gunmen in Taiz have on Wednesday launched a series of attacks on the positions of Islah forces in the southwestern countryside of the province.

This coincides with the continuation of the Islah militias’ moves to expand its area to areas under the control of UAE-backed factions.

Local sources said that unknown assailants attacked the positions of the 17th infantry Brigade in Jabal Habashi district and that clashes between the two sides continued for several hours, resulting in several deaths and injuries.

The latest attacks came amidst warnings that the UAE was taking advantage of the calm in the southwestern countryside to escalate the situation.

The house of Abdul Hakim al-Jubzi, who is tasked to lead the 35th Armored Brigade by the UAE, was stormed by Muslim Brotherhood factions in al-Turbah district, resulting in the militias exciting his son.

Al-Jubzi met earlier this week with leaders of the Southern Transitional Council after they agreed to reunite the efforts of the pro-Emirati factions in the Taiz countryside.

Recent developments indicate that the UAE is trying to restore control over the southwestern countryside of Taiz, in order to stop Islah’s attempts to complete control of this strategic area and prevent it from using its position at the most important positions overlooking its areas of control in Lahj and the west coast of Yemen.

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