Al-Jazeera reveals facts about Arab states attempt to disarm Palestinian resistance

Al-Jazeera reveals facts about Arab states attempt to disarm Palestinian resistance

An Al-Jazeera investigative report aired on Monday revealed exclusive information about the tactics of a number of countries and regional powers, headed by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and the US, in their cooperation with Israel to disarm the Palestinian resistance.

Under the title “The Deal and Arms”, Palestinian journalist Tamer al-Mishal quoted facts revealed for the first time, about the secrets of attempts to disarm the resistance in Gaza, which was one of the most prominent items of the so-called “deal of the century” announced by US President Donald Trump.

According to the testimonies, a number of parties, through the new alliance formed in the region, sought to target the Gaza Strip and its resistance, in order to disarm them.

Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau, spoke of the pressure exerted against the movement and the efforts of a number of forces to dismantle its forces.

He revealed Hamas’ refusal to compromise on the principles that the movement adheres to, specifically regarding the weapon of its resistance.

Haniyeh denied the allegations made by parties against the Palestinian resistance claiming that they work for Iran, and stressed that Palestine will refuse any support from any state or force that demand conditions in return.

However, Haniyeh revealed that resistance factions have received support from Iran and some countries, without any return conditions or any pressure to make Palestinian movements work on their behalf.

The Hamas leader also spoke of the Egyptian coordination and cooperation with the Zionist occupation authorities against Hamas and other resistance factions.

The Hamas official highlighted attempts by the occupying authorities, in coordination with regional powers, to change the equation of power in the region, including keeping Sudan out of the Axis of Resistance.

Ismail Haniyeh stressed that Israel has failed in its efforts to stifle the resistance, despite all the methods it had used, and despite the complicity of a number of forces.

He reiterated that “Hamas does not want a war, but it does not fear it,” adding that “the Resistance factions will teach the Israeli enemy a lesson, if he thinks of launching an aggression against Gaza.”

During the duration of the program, the investigation highlighted the efforts of Hamas and the Resistance to develop its capabilities and weapons.

Leaders of the armed units known as the Al-Qassam Brigades have revealed information about support they had received from Iran and the arrival of supplies from both Syria and Sudan.

The report went through the maneuvers of the Egyptian troops led by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian president, who tried to stifle the artery of resistance and destroy Hamas tunnels.

Al-Jazeera has obtained statements from Israeli officials, revealing that the occupation authorities have come to the conviction that they will not remove the weapon of resistance themselves, but will entrust the task to other forces.

They also recognised the strength of Hamas and the other Resistance factions, enabling them to develop and strengthen their military capabilities. Hamas has reportedly been able to remanufacture sophisticated missiles from remnants of Israeli munitions.

Israeli officials also confirmed that Hamas has become stronger than ever, despite the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the pressure exerted to prevent supplies from reaching its Brigades.

The investigative report revealed leaked information from the UAE ambassador to Washington, Youssef Al Otaiba, about cooperation between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv and the coordination of efforts in the service of their agendas.

It also revealed information about the secrets of the establishment of an Egyptian base on the Red Sea, with Emirati funding and coordination with the Israeli entity, in order to cut off supply lines for Gaza.