Drone strikes hit Abha airport

Drone strikes hit Abha airport

The Yemeni army on Thursday launched another wave of air attacks on Abha international airport in ‘Asir region in the south of Saudi Arabia, the spokesman for the  Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e said in statement.

Sare’e said the Air Force launched large operations towards Abha International Airport using Sammad-3 drones that hit important military target with high accuracy.

He added that “the attack comes in response to the continuous escalation by the enemy and its continuous siege on our country.”

At earlier time, the army’s spokesman vowed that more painful operations against the Saudi regime will be carried out if it continues its aggression and siege against the Yemeni people.

Over the past two days, the army forces launched a series of drone strikes against military sites at Abha International Airport.