Al-Houthi responds to disappointing UN Security Council statement on Yemen

Al-Houthi responds to disappointing UN Security Council statement on Yemen

Top member in the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has responded to a joint statement issued at the UN Security Council on Thursday regarding the solution in Yemen, by affirming support for “a balanced solution in Yemen, but not an imposed solution.”

The joint statement was issued by the foreign ministers of Germany, Kuwait, Sweden and the UK, as well as representatives of the United States, China, France, Russia and the European Union, during the Council’s session on Thursday .

“The solution in Yemen must be a balanced solution, not the solution that the aggression is trying to impose, which is to be the controller of it with United Nations facilitation,” al-Houthi said in a tweet on Twitter, in reference to that the course of events that proved that the United Nations lacks independence of decision.

Al-Houthi summarised the “balanced solution” by saying “Yemen’s return to its normal state before the aggression is a vital matter for Yemenis.”

He explained that this includes the payment of workers’ salaries, the leaving of the occupiers, the release of prisoners, and the reconstruction of the country, and letting the Yemeni people run their homeland without any interference.

At the session, UN Envoy Martin Griffiths provided a new briefing to the Security Council on developments in Yemen, which was characterised by fallacies, as he avoided reference to the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s escalation and crimes, as well as to the intransigence of the Hadi government in exile regarding the files of prisoner exchange, salary payment, and the access of goods and fuel shipments.