Residents of Yemen’s Socotra protest against UAE-Zionist occupation

Residents of Yemen’s Socotra protest against UAE-Zionist occupation

Residents of the Yemeni island of Socotra have on Saturday organised a mass protest to reject any form of collaboration with the Zionist entity.

The demonstrators burned Emirati and Israeli flags in the Nawajid area, east of the island.

They raised banners supporting the Palestinian cause and rejecting all forms of cooperation with the Israeli enemy. The assembled people said they consider the Emirati and Bahraini collaboration with Zionism as a betrayal of the Islamic sanctities and the city of Jerusalem.

Moreover, protesters chanted slogans denouncing the Emirati and Israeli presence on Socotra.

They held the Saudi-led aggression and Hadi’s government responsible for the shameful silence about the Emirati-Israeli move on the island.

On the other hand, the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia intercepted the demonstration, blocked the roads leading to the Nejd region, and even opened fire on the demonstrators.

According to local sources, the UAE militias however failed to suppress the demonstration in Nawajid, which concluded its activities with the issuing of a statement denouncing the participants in the Emirati collaboration with the Zionist entity and confirming their absolute rejection of the Emirati occupation of the island.

The participants emphasised that the policy of intimidation and arrests practiced by the pro-UAE STC militias will not discourage the people of Socotra from supporting the Palestinian cause and will not stop the wave of popular anger rejecting the Emirati military presence.