President of Yemen Mahdi Al-Mashat speaks on anniversary of September 21 Revolution

President of Yemen Mahdi Al-Mashat speaks on anniversary of September 21 Revolution

President of Yemen Mahdi Al-Mashat has on Sunday night addressed the Yemeni people on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution.

During his speech, president Mahdi Al-Mashat he called on the international community to respect the Yemeni people and stop recognising the exiled Hadi regim which is backed by al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS).

Mahdi Al-Mashat also called on the Saudi-led coalition to respond to the peace initiative presented by Yemen to the UN Envoy.

He further called on the United Nations and the international community to stop its double standards and proceed to condemn the aggression, siege and starvation of Yemen, as well as the deprivation of fuel and medicine.

Moreover, he urged the Yemeni parties who are on the side of the aggression to return to the right path and settle their situation through a conference for national reconciliation.

The President referred in his speech to the uniqueness of the September 21 Revolution in a being purely Yemeni affair, in its tendency to forgive and tolerate, and in its rigidity in demanding full sovereignty for Yemen.

President Mashat’s speech also addressed the Palestinian issue and the great conspiracy being hatched against it, saying: “We condemn all forms of normalisation with the Israeli enemy and remind all those who are satisfied with it, that Palestine is our first priority. They should not show enthusiasm and bow down to Israel.”

Mahdi al-Mashat then proceeded: “We advise them that the line in which they walk is a bad path, and that they will find no interest in them or their peoples but only pain, regret and loss (…) We reaffirm that Yemen, its a people, its leadership and its revolution stand alongside Jerusalem, Palestine and the people of Palestine.”

The Yemeni and Palestinian flags appeared at his office of President Mahdi Al-Mashat during his speech.

Observers pointed out that the display of the Palestinian flag near the Yemeni flag and during the official speech on the eve of September 21 Revolution, confirms Yemen’s adherence to the Palestinian cause and its categorical rejection of the agreements of subservience to Israel.

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