Yemeni military intelligence vows to root out terrorist activity

Yemeni military intelligence vows to root out terrorist activity

Major General Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim, head of Military Intelligence in the National Salvation Government, has confirmed that Yemen will not allow anyone to interfere in its sovereign decisions under any false justification and claims.

“Everyone should be well aware of this message and not to take their illusions any further,” said Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim.

He warned supporters of the terrorist forces in Ma’rib province that the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Authority has compelling documents that will reveal them.

Al-Hakim stressed that the countries that were quick to express their concern about the legitimate operations in Ma’rib are often the same ones that are involved in supporting takfiri terrorists such as al-Qaeda and Daesh.

“If necessary, the security and intelligence agencies will not hesitate to reveal all what is hidden, and will show to the local, regional and international public opinion the fact that countries with international influence are major supporters of terrorism and provide it with political cover, logistical and information support,” al-Hakim added.

The decision to liberate Ma’rib is a sovereign national decision, and the Yemeni people refuse in the strongest terms to allow them to interfere in their internal affairs,” he said.

He concluded by saying : “it is difficult for us to understand the strange haste of some countries to protect terrorist and criminal elements in Ma’rib, as if they want to say that Ma’rib must remain a permanent focus for terrorists and takfiris.”

Recently, a number of countries, mostly Western nations and supporters of the Saudi-led invaders, have expressed “deep concern” at the Yemeni army forces operations meant to liberate Ma’rib from the occupation.