Saudi Arabia seeks Russia’s help to avoid fall of Ma’rib

Saudi Arabia seeks Russia’s help to avoid fall of Ma’rib

Saudi Arabia has intensified its communication with Russia to avoid the fall of Ma’rib in the hands of the Yemeni amy and popular committees “the Houthis”, according to New Gulf website, citing Russian sources.

Those sources confirmed that Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan asked Moscow to mediate with Ansarullah to stop their advance towards Ma’rib through phone calls with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

With this measure, Saudi Arabia aimed to exert pressure on America, which ignored its pleas to save it in Marib, according to the sources.

The Saudi communication with Russia came after a series of contacts made by the Kingdom’s leadership, during the past few days, with the member states of the Arab military coalition in Yemen and with other countries such as Pakistan and Senegal, all of which focused on what could be done to avoid the scenario of the fall of Ma’rib.

This comes at a time Britain is trying to raise the issue of Ma’rib within the Security Council with the aim of obstructing the advance of the ‘Houthis’ by highlighting that the military attack in the city will expose the residents and the displaced to a grave danger.

The delegates of the permanent members of the Security Council, in addition to Germany, Kuwait, Sweden and the European Union, had recently met in New York and issued a statement in which they talked about “the urgent need for political progress in Yemen,” expressing their deep concern about the Houthi attack on Ma’rib.

The Russian portal is a wake-up call for “Trump”, who in recent years justified his arms deals with Saudi Arabia, by intimidating that China and Russia are present to fill the void, according to the sources.