Truck driver shot dead on Ma’rib highway

Truck driver shot dead on Ma’rib highway

Local sources in Ma’rib province have reported the death of a truck driver on the highway in the area of al-Rawik area in Ma’rib province, which is under the control of Saudi-led forces.

According to the sources, bandits intercepted the truck, killed the driver and stole everything he had.

The truck driver tried to resist, but he shot dead and a total value of around 2 million riyals was stolen by the bandits, who left the body on the Rawik-Al-Hazm road near the battle fronts, the sources said.

There are more than 20 military checkpoints of the occupation forces in the Rawik highway, whose mission is to collect tolls. However, the constant presence of these armed forces has done little to nothing to protect the local population or to reduce rampant crime in the area.

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