New UAE occupation forces arrive in Socotra

New UAE occupation forces arrive in Socotra

A ship carrying hundreds of UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants has arrived at the Socotra Archipelago in southeastern Yemen, local sources reported.

The sources said that 1,500 militia members of the STC, most of them from Dhalea province and Yafea area, were brought in from Aden into the Socotra archipelago.

An activist from Socotra, Nazem Mahrous, posted on his Facebook wall, saying: “At these moments, 1,500 militia members from Dhalea are being disembarked in ‘Qudama’ area on the island of Socotra, after they were brought on board a ship coming from Aden.”

The UAE occupation forces reportedly continue their practices in the Socotra archipelago, even beginning practical steps to establish a military base for the Zionist entity in the archipelago, days after Abu Dhabi officially announced diplomatic ties with Israel.

Observers believe that by giving Israel continued privileges in the Socotra archipelago and other islands and beaches under its control, the UAE occupation is trying to show loyalty and a genuine desire to establish unlimited cooperation with the Zionists.