Two civilians killed in Saudi breach of Hodeidah ceasefire

Two civilians killed in Saudi breach of Hodeidah ceasefire

At least two civilians were killed and three others wounded when Saudi-led coalition forces and mercenaries launched attacks on several areas in Hodeidah province, western Yemen, a security official said on Sunday.

The official explained that the aggression forces fired artillery shells at civilians homes in the Quds street of Howk district, leaving a child and a woman dead and three women injured.

On Saturday, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s mercenaries committed 183 violations against the ceasefire agreements in in the province.

A source in the Correlation and Coordination Operations Room said that the violations included establishing new combat fortifications in Faza area and al-Durayhmi district.

The breaches also included the flying of seven fighter jets over Jah area, while seven spy aircrafts flew over Jabalyh, Faza areas and Tuhayta district.

The mercenaries committed 49 violations by an artillery bombing and 118 others by shooting a variety of other weapons in the ceasefire zone.