UAE drone aircraft bomb Hadi forces in Abyan

UAE drone aircraft bomb Hadi forces in Abyan

Media sources have confirmed that Hadi forces in the Shuqrah front of the occupied province of Abyan have been bombed by their own allies in the Saudi-led coalition aircraft on Saturday.

Anis Mansour, a pro-Muslim Brotherhood journalist, said one person was killed and three injured in a UAE airstrike, which targeted Hadi forces in the Sheikh Salem area of Shuqrh city.

Mansoor noted in a tweet that the crime will likely be met with silent by Hadi and the leaders of his government, who will likely not even issue a statement of condemnation.

The latest airstrikes on Hadi’s forces are the third time this month that Emirati warplanes bomb the positions of the so-called presidential protection brigades. The silence of the Hadi puppet regime on its own soldiers’ deaths have caused widespread of discontent and anger among many Hadi politicians and military officials.

Hadi’s forces in Abyan in early September also came under fire from the UAE air force, which killed and injured more than 11 soldiers.

Military sources revealed that UAE forces were introducing drones into their military operations against Hadi’s forces and al-Islah militias in Abyan province.

The UAE reportedly recently acquired Israeli drones, which it has contracted to purchase two years ago, as part of an agreement to establish relations with Israel already back then.

According to observers, the bombing of Hadi’s forces in Abyan came just hours after the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council issued a statement accusing the Hadi government of obstructing the formation of a new government and thwarting the implementation of the Riyadh agreement.