Abdullah reinsures himself in case of an uprising

Abdullah reinsures himself in case of an uprising

By Damir Nazarov

On July 15, 2020, the Jordanian court of appeal decided to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood party. Thus, the local autocracy completely eliminates the Islamic opposition in the “legal” political space of the country. But why now? The ban on local ikhwans is an attempt by king Abdullah II to prevent the formation of an alternative government in the event of a crisis. Let’s assume that tomorrow the population of Jordan will rise up like Egypt in 2011, in this case, the probability that the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood will be the key street force is extremely high. The main factor in popular discontent may be the Zionist plans to Annex the West Bank. The ikhvans have already held a protest against the occupiers ‘ plans. From the point of view of the Amman dictatorship, such actions can easily turn into uncontrolled rallies, which have the potential to become a preamble to the first step in the plan for the collapse of the regime.

The Jordanian monarchy is an artificial country formed by the British, including to create a “second Homeland” for the Palestinians and keep them under military control. In order to secure the Zionist regime. However, the false essence of the pseudo-Hashemite regime cannot exist forever. And as the main arguments for the imminent future collapse of the Kingdom of Jordan, you can use for example the fact of a backward economy, the essence of which is donation from the tyrants of the Gulf and the Great Satan, and the unmanageable transformation of the region, where the old order under the Sykes – Picot rules is gradually collapsing.

Thus, the regime is trying to delay the inevitable by exerting pressure on local ikhwans. After all, if we look at the situation more broadly, we will see that behind the ban on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood are king Abdullah’s fears about the emergence of new political players-a huge number of Palestinian refugees and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The king’s trepidation before the possible activation of these parties is fully justified. It does not matter whether the Palestinian refugees and Tehran want to directly support the local ikhwans or take advantage of the moment in the event of chaos caused during the popular uprising. It is important that the elimination of the Jordanian autocracy will significantly bring the liberation of Palestine closer , and king Abdullah, being a loyal dog of Zionism, is well aware of this scenario and is doing everything possible to prevent an uprising against his dictatorship.

P.S. Such facts as the burning of the Saudi flag in a Palestinian refugee camp and the expression of support from 12 local tribes for Syria are also not in favor of the Abdullah regime. The Palestinians are gradually turning into a powder keg, a new uprising is a matter of time. It can also be assumed that the solidarity with Syria and anti-American sentiment from the mentioned tribal leaders shows that in the event of an uprising, the Pro-American king can not count on the support of these tribal leaders.