Gunfight results in at least one death in Hodeidah province

Gunfight results in at least one death in Hodeidah province

A gunman was killed and three others were injured on Tuesday in clashes between UAE-backed factions led by Tariq Afash and tribal gunmen in Tuhayta district in Hodeidah province, western Yemen. This was reported by Yemen Press Agency, based on local sources.

Local sources confirmed that gunmen belonging to Tariq Afash, who were reportedly drunk, broke into the house of a woman in al-Matinah area in an attempt to rape her.

Tribal gunmen subsequently rescued the woman from, after they exchanged gunfire with the assaulters. The gunfire that followed resulted in one death and three wounded.

According to the sources, Tariq Affash’s gunmen managed to abduct a child to one of their camps on the west coast.

In July, medical reports issued by Hays Hospital confirmed that 7-year-old Maria Al-Sandi was raped by a Tariq Afash recruiter named Noman Said Abdo Hekmati, in the coastal area of Hays.

A widow, her 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son were kidnapped by coalition gunmen in April 2019, and their home was destroyed in the village of Al-Baqaa in the Tuhayta district.

A local source reported that on Tuesday, five mercenaries were wounded in armed clashes between gunmen of the 9th Amaliqa Brigade, loyal to the mercenary commander Tariq Afash, and other gunmen from the 12th Brigade led by the mercenary commander Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar in Al-Tuhayta district.