Opinion piece: the collapse of Iraq’s quota system is imminent

Opinion piece: the collapse of Iraq’s quota system is imminent

By Damir Nazarov

On September 17, 2020, the US Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Toler, stated that “the rocket attacks on the US Embassy are aimed at destroying the Iraqi government.” In principle, I agree with the representative of the occupiers, but we need to explain the terms used by the American Ambassador. First, the so-called Iraqi government was created by the Americans during the occupation, the imposed “quota system” was immediately doomed, because it was clear that it was created to ensure the interests of Washington. Now even the occupiers recognize the inefficiency of their projects in Iraq, so the complaints of the American Ambassador about the resistance missiles are in the nature of protecting the very vicious system created by the Americans in occupied Iraq.

The missiles of the guerrilla resistance groups are a warning to the occupiers not to delay their withdrawal from Iraq. Speaking about the guerrillas, the Ambassador hints to the Prime Minister and the head of the General staff to “deal” with the resistance, given their connection with the Islamic Resistance forces that are integrated into Hashad al-Shaabi, it is not difficult to understand the plan of the Great Satan’s strategists. The Americans seek to create conditions for the polarization of Iraqi society by uniting their lackeys in one force to fight the forces of Popular Mobilization Forces and other forces of the Islamic Resistance. The occupiers realize that only chaos with the prospect of a civil war scenario will help the imperialists stay in Iraq and continue the fight against the Axis of Resistance, because any attempts by the Pentagon to decide on a military adventure against the Islamic forces of Iraq will be met with a large-scale response not limited to Iraq. The Americans and their allies will be under attack in at least two countries(Syria, Bahrain).

Today we see how groups of guerrillas conduct preventive operations, but at any time organizations from Hashad al-Shaabi can join the Jihad, because the backbone of the organization is made up of factions affiliated with Badr*. Here we should not forget about the charismatic Muqtada Sadr with his militant groups, the Sunni Mufti Mahdi al-Sumadai and Islamic Resistance organizations like Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba and Kataeb Hezbollah. Therefore, it is extremely important for the Americans to start a conflict inside Iraq as soon as possible in order to try to distract the PMF from the fight against the occupiers. On the other hand, even if the Yankees withdraw tomorrow, their regional allies will still have to learn the crushing power of the Islamic Resistance.

P.S. In this topic, the story of Kadhimi is instructive. The Americans exalt it as a new pillar of the Pro-American project, and demonize local opponents of the imposed political system. These steps explain why Washington is demanding that Hashad al-Shaabi be disbanded. Since the PMF is only today endowed with the powers of a military body, but over time they will solve all the main issues of Iraq up to the elimination of the political system imposed by the imperialists.

* – Badr is a continuation of the cause of the Islamic Revolution, so the open struggle against the occupiers and its allies is a matter of time. This is why the imperialists do not hide their hatred and fear of the PMF.