People of Socotra form armed resistance against Emirati occupation

People of Socotra form armed resistance against Emirati occupation

Hadiboh city, the capital of Socotra Archipelago province, has witnessed armed clashes between the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias and gunmen who called themselves the “Socotra Resistance.”

A local source on the island said that clashes erupted between tribal militants and STC militia elements at one of the military points in the city, amid reports on casualties.

The source confirmed that the clashes came after a large meeting was held by the Socotra tribes earlier on Saturday, in which they demanded the exit of all militias and mercenaries of the UAE, the lifting of the newly-created military checkpoints and the handing over of these areas to the security personnel of the islands.

A statement issued in the meeting accused the Emirati occupation of imposing acts of violence, armed manifestations and harassing citizens at military checkpoints by its mercenary militias on the island.

The statement called on the Socotra people to stand against all foreign interference, stressing their categorical refusal to allow the establishment of military bases in coordination with the Israeli Zionist entity on the island.