Political figure’s bodyguard killed in Hadhramaut

Political figure’s bodyguard killed in Hadhramaut

Unknown gunmen have on Tuesday assassinated a guard of the Assistant Undersecretary of Hadhramaut province in Hadi’s puppet government, Mohammed bin Jarbu’ Al-Sayari, in Seiyoun city, local sources reported.

The sources confirmed that the gunmen shot the guard as he left the al-Jazeera studio in the public market area in the downtown of the city.

The assailants fled to an unknown destination, one of the sources said.

Last week, a pharmacist in al-Qatn city died of a gunshot wound he had sustained after gunmen intercepted him while he was heading home.

Murders are a regular occurrence in all districts of Ḥaḍhramaut, due to the UAE occupation militias trying to take control over the province and to expel forces belonging to the First Military Region loyal to the Saudi-backed leader of the Islah party, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.