Security chaos in Aden continues to claim lives

Security chaos in Aden continues to claim lives

A young man was killed in the occupied province of Aden by unknown gunmen on Tuesday morning, local sources reported

According to the sources, the masked gunmen intercepted a man’s car with two young men on board and fired at him, killing him instantly.

The young man’s body remained lying at the scene until passers-by gathered around and moved the body to the hospital.

As part of chaos in the city, another citizen was killed on Sunday and a child injured in armed clashes UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia factions in Aden city.

The sources confirmed that the clashes broke out among the STC factions due to a dispute over a piece of land in Bir Ahmed area.

Moreover, unknown gunmen targeted a home of a commander in the security forces of Aden. The sources said that the home of deputy director of Aden security, Abo Bakr Jabr was damaged.

The sources started that several bullets penetrated the windows of the house, without any casualties being recorded.

Aden and other southern provinces have been witnessing assassinations and security disorder since United Arab Emirates occupation forces took control over the city.