Top Iranian official calls for withdrawal and diplomatic end to conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Top Iranian official calls for withdrawal and diplomatic end to conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Ali Akbar Velayati, a top advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that Armenia should withdraw from certain areas they captured from Azerbaijan in the recent conflict.

He stressed that “this goal cannot be achieved militarily,” RT reported.

“Armenia has occupied parts of Azerbaijani territory, and has to leave and return to the international border,” Ali Akbar Velayati said.

He noted that more than 1 million Azerbaijanis have become refugees as a result of the occupation of their areas by Armenia.

He continued: “Our position on Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani territory is like our position on the occupation of Palestinian territories by the Zionist entity.”

“Armenia, along with Nagorno-Karabakh, occupies seven Azerbaijani regions and has to withdraw from them in accordance with international resolutions,” he said, stressing that “there is no military solution to the conflict. The solution must go through political means, so we are opposed to any military action by either side.”

The Iranian official considered that the war in Nagorno-Karabakh was contrary to the interests of the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples and endangered the security of the region.

“Israel and Turkey are interfering in the war in Nagorno-Karabakh and instigating it,” he said, stressing that the Israeli side has no right to be in the area or to express its view of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“We recommend that our friends in Turkey contribute to the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani territories instead of pouring gasoline on the fires of the conflict. We call on Turkey to help, along with the countries of the region, to protect the oppressed in Azerbaijan and liberate their lands.”

He furthermore stressed that “France also has no right to intervene in this conflict”.

Velayati continued by stating that Iran has no interest in a war between its neighbours Azerbaijan and Armenia, noting that “Muslims and Christians in both countries should live in full security and stability”.