Bashar al-Assad comments on US plans to assassinate him

Bashar al-Assad comments on US plans to assassinate him

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said he considers us President Donald Trump’s remarks on his previous intention to assassinate hin, as “a reflection of an American policy that adopts the use of assassination and liquidation,” stressing the need for “an international balance that deters or punishes it for its evil acts.”

“Assassination is an American modus operandi, that’s what they’ve always done, for decades, everywhere, in different parts of the world, so it’s not new,” Assad told Sputnik news agency.

“Therefore, you should always remember that this kind of plan is always there for different reasons, and we should expect that in our situation in Syria, with this conflict with the Americans,” he said.

“They are occupying our territory and supporting terrorists, so this is to be expected,” the president of the Syrian Arab Republic said.

“Even if we don’t have any information, it should be self-evident.”

On how best to deter such acts, the Syrian president explained: “It is not about the incident itself, nor about the plan for this person or this president, but it’s a matter of conduct.”

“Nothing will deter the United States from committing this kind of evil, unless there is an international balance, so that the United States cannot survive its crime. Otherwise, it will continue to commit these kinds of acts in different regions, and nothing will stop them,” Bashar al-Assad concluded.