Saudi forces suffer heavy losses in Jawf front

Saudi forces suffer heavy losses in Jawf front

Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries have suffered heavy casualties in lives and equipment, as a result of a failed advance attempt towards the Al-Khanjar camp on the outskirts of the desert of Alyatamah in Khub Washaef district, Jawf province.

According to private local sources in Ma’rib province, the army forces backed by the Popular Committees managed to carry out a successful tactical maneuver, in which dozens of Saudi-backed mercenaries were killed and wounded south of al-Khanjar camp.

Several military commanders loyal to the coalition were killed, including Colonel Askar Ali al-Mahshami, Colonel Bashir bin Nasser Soufa, Colonel Fayez Bin Zayed al-Dhla’ai, and Hadi Nasser bin Mohsen bin Hawiesh.

The battle comes just hours after the coalition forces suffered heavy losses as a result of a failed attack on Burga Lashara’a and Dahidhah near the north of Ma’rib city, as well as in the south of Khub Washaef district in Jawf province.

Many prominent military commanders of the invading forces, including Captain Amin al-Essai, deputy of moral guidance in the 7th Brigade Border Guards, Mohammed Talib al-Dujry, Bilal Abdo Ali al-Dhabs, Mohammed Qasim Ghaleb, and Mohammed Al-Shoumi, also died in battle.

The fate of Brigadier General Mansour Thawaba, an advisor to the Minister of Defence the Hadi puppet government, along with a large number of military commanders in the ranks of the coalition forces, remains unknown.