Opinion piece: Zionism is spreading its tentacles in the provinces of Iraq

Opinion piece: Zionism is spreading its tentacles in the provinces of Iraq

By Damir Nazarov

The continued occupation of Iraq by the Americans is the main reason for the political instability of the Arab Republic. In this regard, Zionism is trying to do as much damage as possible to the forces of the Islamic Resistance. Taking advantage of the presence of their allies in Iraq, the occupiers use a variety of methods of waging the “cold war” against local Islamic Revolutionary forces. In addition to acts of terrorist activity and air aggression, Zionism participates in provocations against Hashad al-Shaabi and tries to gain a foothold in the public environment of a number of provinces in Iraq(Nasiriyah, Sulaymaniyah, Basra, Maysan and so on).

For their part, The resistance forces Express their readiness to fight not only the American occupation, but also all its allies, especially Zionism. Thus, we see how every day brings closer a direct clash between the Islamic revolutionary forces of Iraq and the occupiers. Given the developed ties between Syria and Iraq, it is not difficult to guess where the first clash between Iraqis and Zionists may occur. Here we should also mention the Zionist lobby in the self-proclaimed “Kurdistan”, which will also be targeted by the Iraqi forces.

An important point in the future war is that absolutely all the Islamic political forces in Iraq will take part in the Holy war against the occupiers. The fact remains that no matter how fragmented the Iraqis are, the mission to liberate al-Quds unites Muslims regardless of their ideological preferences.

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