High-ranking military commander loyal to Hadi killed in Abyan

High-ranking military commander loyal to Hadi killed in Abyan

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias on Sunday stepped up their ambushes against Hadi’s forces in Abyan, southern Yemen, in a sign of a new turnaround in the months-long confrontations.

The STC militants set up a new ambush targeting a military convoy for Hadi forces in Ahwar, area, the second in 24 hours, local sources reported.

Local sources said that the ambush took place on the outskirts of Ahwar and targeted a military force belonging to the 2nd  Marine Infantry Brigade, was coming to the directorate, which witnessed earlier battles after the UAE-backed militias security belt thwarted an attempt to land Turkish weapons on the shores of the coastal directorate.

Three of Hadi forces were killed, including the reconnaissance officer of the 2nd Infantry Brigade and several others were injured

Earlier, the STC militias carried out another ambush targeting ambulances in the nearby Al-Muhafed district, which was on their way from Shabwah province to the nearby city of Shuqrah district, the main stronghold for Hadi’s forces.

The ambushes come amid continued daily shelling along the front lines in Abyan.