Yemen set to import Iranian tractor technology

Yemen set to import Iranian tractor technology

The Yemeni ambassador to Iran, Ibrahim Al-Dailami, has revealed an agreement with Iran on the import of technology for the manufacture and production of Iranian agricultural tractors to the Republic of Yemen.

On the sidelines of his visit to the Tabriz company for the manufacture of tractors, accompanied by the economic attaché and commercial officials of the Yemeni embassy in Iran, Al-Dailami told an Al-Masirah network correspondent that “We have agreed with the Iranian side to transfer expertise and experience and settle such industries for agricultural equipment in Yemen.”

“We are facing an opportunity for Yemen to build an industrial structure to serve the agricultural side. Yemen is a large agricultural country and needs a lot of agricultural equipment and machinery to build up an agricultural renaissance, especially in light of the continued aggression and siege on Yemen,” he added.

He stressed that Yemen is facing an economic blockade, and that the Yemeni people, despite all these problems, rely on themselves and struggle to achieve their goals.

In turn, the commercial attaché at the Yemeni embassy in Tehran, Abdul-Malik Al-Hashemi, said, “we spoke with the Iranian side about transferring expertise as well as entire tractor industry processes to Yemen.”

The Tabriz Company for the Manufacture of Tractors, an Iranian company encompassing an area of 400 hectares, employs 6,000 thousand workers and produces 16 types of agricultural cultivators.