President of Yemen speaks on commemoration of 1963 South Yemeni Revolution

President of Yemen speaks on commemoration of 1963 South Yemeni Revolution

President of Yemen Mahdi Al-Mashat has a televised speech aired on Tuesday evening, congratulated the Yemeni people on the 57th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution. This date commemorates the South Yemeni Revolution of 1963, when the people of the region rose up against British colonial rule.

In his speech, President Al-Mashat emphasized the need for dealing effectively with the national occasions facing Yemen, away from misconceptions and sterile understanding that would isolates the revolution’s lofty principles and goals from the reality of successive generations.

“The enemies of independence have for decades instilled these superficial methods because they realize that it is impossible for them to gain a seat in power in light of the spread of correct popular awareness of the culture of the 14th of October,” he said.

President Al-Mashat stressed that it is the national duty of all to seriously fight the battle of awareness of Yemen’s revolutionary past.

“We have to restore consideration to the October 14 Revolution through steadfastness and persistence on our national stance opposing in word and deed all forms of dependency and occupation.”

The President welcomed the steps regarding the signing of the implementation of the first phase of the prisoner release agreement, calling on the concerned authorities to continue caring for the prisoners and improving their conditions.

He also welcomed the understandings and advanced steps achieved by the Office of the UN Envoy to Yemen, the United Nations Office for Projects Support, and the National Technical Team regarding the issue of the Safer ship.

President Al-Mashat called for denouncing and condemning the continued mobilization of al-Qaeda and ISIS elements in Ma’rib, and the continued detention of fuel ships by the Saudi-led aggression coalition.

He confirmed the great keenness of Yemen on reaching a just, comprehensive and sustainable peace, and openness to all efforts aimed at ensuring an end to the aggressive war and the full lifting of the blockade on the country.

The South Yemeni Revolution took place between 1963 and 1967, and resulted in a major victory for the revolutionaries led by the the National Liberation Front (NLF) and the Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen (FLOSY), the complete withdrawal of British colonial forces and the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen.

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