Sana’a authorities release Americans hostages

Sana’a authorities release Americans hostages

Security services in Sana’a have released Americans who were in their custody in exchange for allowing the return of wounded who have been stranded abroad for nearly two years, said Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a top member of the Supreme Political Council.

Al-Houthi told the Washington Post that the Americans who were released were being held for suspicious activity.

“There are a lot of Americans who visit the Republic of Yemen and work in Yemen safely,” he added, if these [three] were citizens only without any suspicious roles or legal violations, they would not have faced anything.”

He the Trump administration deliberately delayed the release of the hostages until the next election, although the issue was discussed a few months ago by Omanis and an agreement has been made and approved at the time.

According to Al-Houthi, apparently, the US administration wants to take advantage of the delay by tarnishing the image of the Yemeni people on the one hand, and highlighting their success in their upcoming election campaign on the other. So, it has been delayed until today.