Saudi occupation builds military towers in Yemen’s Mahrah

Saudi occupation builds military towers in Yemen’s Mahrah

The so-called “Saudi reconstruction program” has created military towers and fortifications in Yemen’s eastern province of Mahrah. This was reported on Thursday by Yemen Press Agency, based on local sources.

The Saudi reconstruction program in Mahrah has established a number of military watchtowers at the border Shahin crossing with the Sultanate of Oman.

The establishment of the military towers came under the pretext of reconstruction to turn the Shahin area into a Saudi-British military base, the sources explained.

This comes in conjunction with the arrival of British officers in Al-Ghaydah airport occupied by Saudi forces.

“The Saudi occupation’s steps in Shahin is a blatant challenge to the people of Mahrah, which heralds armed confrontations with the people,” the sources said.

In early October, head of the organizing committee for peaceful sit-in in Shahin district, Hameed Zaabnoot, called on the people of the district to resist the Saudi occupation by all means.

At the end of last August, the Saudi forces dispatched armored vehicles and military vehicles accompanied by Apache helicopters to reinforce their presence at the Shahin crossing.