Opinion: Children’s hospitals in Yemen suffer under hellish conditions

Opinion: Children’s hospitals in Yemen suffer under hellish conditions

It’s been said that visiting a children’s hospitals in Yemen is the closest experience to entering hell…
And I completely agree with that statement .

What can be worse than seen your children consumed by degrees of malnutrition that can’t be reversed , painfully dying by starvation?

I know many of you have been horrified to see pictures like the one that can be seen behind me. Sadly for those mothers there is no relief from the pain of this reality… they can not simply change the news page when faced with such images as many people do.

The genocidal war of Saudi Arabia and its powerful allies,Americans, British, israelis,and the uae, against Yemen is one of the greatest horrors among the horrors that the world suffers today.

A war that the media almost never talks about and when they do, they omit to say that Israeli weapons, soldiers and planes participate in the genocide in Yemen and reproduce the criminal tactics they have used to massacre Palestinians for more than seventy years.

Instead of safeguarding the lives of the civilian population, international organizations have raise their accusing finger against the Houthi resistance in the same way as they raise it against the Palestinian resistance
The international community instead of condemning Saudi Arabia chose to condemn the Yemeni people for defending them selves . They try to deprive the Yemeni nation their right to defend themselves against illegal invasion even while according to international law they have this right .

In exposing the lies of the Saudi regime , the ruthless war on Yemen is motivated by the greed of the Saudis, Israelis and western allies for oil and geopolitical dominance in the area as well as create massive profit for their friends from western powers that provide weapons and bombs and training for the genocide perpetrated by the Saudis
The United Nations so quick to apply sanctions against Iran only to satisfy Netanyahu’s delirium and paranoia remains incompetent in trying to stop the genocide against Yemenis and Palestinians.

But there is a special point that I want to highlight about this inhumane war., it is the similarity between the wars in Yemen and Gaza, the tactics that are used are the same , the cruelty of targeted bombings against civilians, women and children, also bombing hospitals, schools,markets and homes, as well as stopping the entry of food to starve the population into submission , medicines, medical equipment. ALL these similarity has a twisted intention which is to show that the bloody massacres of civilians is not exclusive practice to Israeli regime but Arabs countries also are capable of committing the same level of atrocities.

This is a repulsive attempt to provide cover to Israel to minimize the horror of palestinian blood on their hands by showing Yemeni Arab blood on the hands of the cruel regime of Saudi Arabia.