Yemeni forces beat back coalition’s attacks in Dhalea

Yemeni forces beat back coalition’s attacks in Dhalea

The Yemeni forces have prevented an intense advance attempt carried out by Saudi-led coalition mercenaries in Dhalea province, southern Yemen.

This war reported by Yemen Press Agency, based on military sources on Sunday.

Dozens of coalition recruits and mercenaries were killed, and many others injured as the army and Popular Committees confronted their offensives towards Yemeni positions in Morais district, which lasted for nearly six hours, according to the sources.

Moreover, the aggression mercenaries tried to advance towards army’s locations in Mahqan area, but were foiled by the army forces.

The army forces were able to impose a siege on Hadi’s forces in Mahqan, lead to surrender of the remaining recruits, including the commander of the axis, Osama al-Shamsi.

The sources confirmed that the mercenaries suffered heavy losses during the attack, in which over 60 mercenaries were killed and wounded

The enemy forces suffered heavy losses, without achieving any progress, the military sources added.

On last  Tuesday, the  army forces and popular committees broke a coalition advance in the Qataba front in the same province, causing heavy casualties in the Saudi-led aggression’s forces.