Petroleum vessel finally reaches Yemen after 174 days of Saudi detention

Petroleum vessel finally reaches Yemen after 174 days of Saudi detention

The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) announced on Tuesday the arrival of a gasoline ship, finally released after a 174-day detention by coalition forces, while the coalition continues to detain 16 other oil derivatives ships.

The company explained on its Facebook page that the ship Grace has arrived in the port of Hodeidah, loaded with 27,972 liters of gasoline.

The YPC noted that the ship obtained a permit from the United Nations on April 29, before the coalition detained it for 174 days, explaining that the total delay fine amounted to 3,828,000 dollars.

The company said Monday evening that coalition forces were holding 17 oil ships, including two oil tankers loaded with gasoline and two ships carrying domestic gas.

It reiterated that the coalition continued to detain 13 oil vessels with a total load of 353,031 tons of gasoline and diesel, for varying periods, reaching a maximum of 200 days of unprecedented maritime piracy, despite the fact that all of those vessels had completed all inspection procedures through the Verification and Inspection Mission (UNVIM) mechanism and obtained UNVIM permits.

On Monday, YPC Chief Executive Officer Ammar al-Adra’i confirmed that the company’s gasoline reserves had completely expired and the company’s last two stations had stopped supplying fuel to citizens.

Yemen has been suffering from a severe crisis in oil derivatives for six months, exacerbating the country’s already deteriorating health situation and stopping hospitals and factories from providing services to citizens.