Source: Qatar planning to establish relations with National Salvation Government of Yemen

Source: Qatar planning to establish relations with National Salvation Government of Yemen

An informed source revealed that Qatar is currently considering sending an ambassador to the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, soon.

Russian agency Sputnik, in a report on Tuesday, quoted a source as saying that all indications during the past years were pointing to a Qatari rapprochement with Sana’a.

If Qatar were to indeed take this step, it would mean a recognition of the National Salvation Government of Yemen, and would mark a historic step.

Doha withdrew from the Saudi-led coalition in 2017, and since then has had increasingly tense relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Even during the Qatari participation in the invasion, the state was accused by some of “supporting the Houthis”, as the revolutionary movement Ansarullah is called by Saudi sources.

“This is an indication that Qatar was not satisfied with this aggression against Yemen,” the sources reported by Sputnik said.

The source, who refused to reveal his identity, indicated the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Qatar, which Iran had stepped forward to lift, as a reason for a renewed rapprochement and strategic cooperation between Doha and Tehran, and eventually between Doha and Sana’a.

“Doha may take this step as a kind of gratitude to Tehran, after Iran has become today a pivotal country that no one can exclude or deny.”

The source emphasized that “Qatar is dealing with statesmanship and rational policy in the region, and does not want to enter into hostility.”

He added that this principle applies also to Oman, which today plays a mediating role and has made historic achievements in diplomacy.

Last Saturday, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the arrival of its new ambassador to the Yemeni capital Sana’a.