UAE-backed militias assault judge in Aden

UAE-backed militias assault judge in Aden

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias have attacked and beaten a judge in Aden province, south of Yemen, local sources stated.

According to the sources,  the STC militia assaulted Awas Al-Kazami, a member of the so-called Buraiqah Prosecution, while he was holding one of the regular interrogation sessions, in front of a number of lawyers and citizens.

The source confirmed that the STC militia also destroyed the judge’s car, and threatened to kill him.

“The STC militia tried to lead Al-Kazami to one of its camps, but he refused and was attacked,” the sources said.

Other sources pointed out that the militia attacked the judge because of his wearing the official uniform of the judiciary, which holds a logo of the Republic of Yemen. Some southern separatist movements such as the STC are known for their violence against citizens from the northern Yemeni provinces and anyone who supports national unity.