Graduation ceremony for new Yemeni Army, Navy and Air Force units held in Sana’a

Graduation ceremony for new Yemeni Army, Navy and Air Force units held in Sana’a

A military graduation ceremony was held in the capital Sana’a on Thursday, to honour newest graduates from three military colleges, namely Batch 53 of the Army College, Batch 28 of the Naval College, and Batch 35 of the College of Aviation and Air Defense, in conjunction with the commemoration of the Prophet Mohmmed’s (Peace Be Upon Him) birth.

At the ceremony, top member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali al-Houthi congratulated the graduates on their success in passing through the stages of education in the army, naval, and aviation and air defense colleges.


He pointed out that the graduation of the new batch from military colleges in conjunction with the commemoration of the Prophet’s birth, carries a sign of the sincerity of association and the connection to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Mohammed al-Houthi explained that the graduation of these military units comes as a continuation of the preparation and construction of a strong army capable of achieving more victories and protecting the nation and the people.

Al-Houthi stressed the importance of continuing the aspects of construction, preparation and qualitative rehabilitation of members of the armed forces and security forces, as it is a strong and effective path to victory.

“These graduates will represent a strong backbone and support for their colleagues in the field, in order to protect the homeland and represent an honourable model for a revolutionary Yemeni Arab nation that fears no one but God,” he added.

He urged the graduates to continue to pay attention and continue to achieve education in the training field, and move actively in the service of Jihad to defend the homeland in accordance with the Qur’anic method of facing enemies.

“Be a real beacon for the next batches, so that they can follow in your path,” he told the graduates.

Al-Houthi said he considers these graduated units and the young cadres a “solid rock on which all the conspiracies targeting the Yemeni people are destroyed.”

For his part, Jalal Al-Ruweishan , Deputy Prime Minister for Defence and Security Affairs, said that the celebration of the graduation of a new batches from military colleges is a strong message to the Saudi-led aggression about the meaning of power.

He pointed out that the free Yemeni people, who are opposed to invasion and aggression, will not back down from their principles and will not compromise at all.

Al-Ruweishan pointed out that the enemies have been working for a long time to separate the nation from its Prophet, its religious symbols and its sanctities, in order to obliterate Yemen’s identity of faith.

He praised the victories of the heroes of the army and Popular Committees who, on all the various fronts and axes, are fighting against the Saudi-led aggression.

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