Zionist airstrikes hit Gaza Strip yet again

Zionist airstrikes hit Gaza Strip yet again

The Israeli military has carried out several airstrikes against positions in the central and southern parts of the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Zionist army said through a statement that it had struck two targets belonging to the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas in the territory on Thursday night.

Russian news agency Sputnik News cited Palestinian sources as saying that the Zionist aggression targeted a number of facilities belonging to Gaza-based resistance fighters at the al-Nuseirat refugee camp, which is located in the central part of the coastal area.

Israeli warplanes were also reported to have fired two rockets towards agricultural lands in the town of al-Qarara, located to the northeast of the southern city of Khan Yunis.

The Israeli regime claimed that the strikes were conducted shortly after two rockets were fired from the blockaded Palestinian enclave toward the occupied territories.

According to Israeli media reports, Israel’s Iron Dome missile system had destroyed one of the rockets midair over the city of Ashkelon in the south of the occupied territories.

There have been no reports of casualties from either the alleged rocket strikes or the Israeli aerial assaults.

The Zionist entity took the territory under aerial assault earlier in the week too, after similarly claiming that it had intercepted a rocket from Gaza.

According to the regime, the attack hit “underground Hamas infrastructure.”

There are subterranean corridors in Gaza that serve to supply the region with vital items in the face of an all-out blockade that the regime began enforcing against the enclave in response to Hamas’ electoral victory in 2007.

Gaza has de facto turned into the world’s largest open-air prison camp for the past thirteen years, with citizens suffering from a lack of basic necessities such as food and medicines, as part of a punitive campaign by the Zionists due to some of its inhabitants having voted for Hamas.

The Zionist regime has also been taking the enclave under incessant fire ever since, including three wholesale wars in the 2000s that killed thousands of Palestinians.

Source: Press TV