Yemeni Foreign Minister condemns Sudanese plan to collaborate with Israel

Yemeni Foreign Minister condemns Sudanese plan to collaborate with Israel

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf condemned the rush of the new leaders of Sudan towards collaboration with the Zionist entity.

He stressed that normalisation with the usurper entity will not weaken the position of the Axis of Resistance.

The Foreign Minister pointed out in a statement to Yemeni news agency Saba that the announcement of the agreement between Sudan and the Zionist entity came at this time as a result of the financial and political dependence of the Sudanese regime on Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“Saudi Arabia and UAE are trying to get closer to the US administration and the Zionist lobby in America through abandoning the mother issue of the Islamic and Arab nations,” he added.

“The price paid by the leaders of the Sudanese regime to get out of the American list of terrorism is this normalisation of relations with the Zionist entity. However, Sudan will not get out of its current crisis, but may increase its repercussions on the Sudanese street and the situation in Sudan. The coming days will prove that,” he said.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the continuation of some countries in the rush to normalise relations with the Zionist entity, will be doomed to failure and will not weaken the solidity of the position of the Axis of Resistance, which is gaining strength from the position of its people.

The announcement of the Sudanese leadership of establishing relations with the Zionist entity has been met with mass protests in the streets. Enraged protesters burned Zionist flags and called for an end to the betrayal of Palestine.

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