Turkey arrests Yemeni activist

Turkey arrests Yemeni activist

Turkish authorities have arrested Yemeni activist Jalal al-Salahi at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

Activists on social media have broadcasted video footage ig the activist announcing his detention at the airport, stating that it was done without any justification. He accused the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar of being behind his arrest.

Jalal al-Salahi said he was detained despite carrying a US passport and a valid visa.

Activists said al-Salahi was on his way to visit his family in Istanbul, and that the arrest was carried out against the background of his vocal criticisms of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Ikhwan, as the Muslim Brotherhood is also known, is an international organisation with member parties across the Islamic world. The organisation is strongly backed by Turkey, and has had a hand in the conflicts in Libya, Syria and Yemen.