Yemen holds religious conference in honour of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration

Yemen holds religious conference in honour of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration

Yemeni scholars have held a conference in Sana’a on Sunday under the slogan “Muhammad: The Messenger of Allah, the Good One”, with a great attendance of scholars from all provinces of the republic.

The Grand Mufti of Yemen, Sayyid Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din, delivered a speech in which he said that Islamic sanctities are being violated.

“Today some scholars are silent, even though they are heirs of the prophets. They are the ones who depend them to bring the people back to thr righteous path,” he said.

He condemned the normalisation between some Arab regimes with the Zionist enemy entity.

“As scholars, we must command the good and forbid the evil with sincerity, with Allah and with our Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him), he added.

During the conference, the scholar Mohammed Miftah delivered a speech in which he stressed that normalisation means that “the Zionists would dominate our generation, our future and all the capabilities of our nation.”

He pointed out that the anniversary of the birth of prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) comes at a time when the nation has been torn apart by the rulers of injustice, and by the flames of wars and strife throughout the whole world.

Miftah noted that the birthday of the Prophet should be the biggest and greatest celebration for the nation, stressing that the Yemeni people have a voice, a slogan and a sacrifice that awakens the nation.

“Allah has honoured you to have this position with his Prophet in a time of silence and subservience,” the scholar said.

He concluded by saying that “you are greatly honoured that you have made the sacrifices of martyrs. Today we remember our martyred scholars who have been killed by the Saudi-led aggression and by the American and Zionist intelligence services.”