Yemeni community in New York hosts mass rallies for Prophet’s birthday

Yemeni community in New York hosts mass rallies for Prophet’s birthday

The Yemeni community in New York celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on Thursday.

At the event, members of Arab and Muslim communities attended the celebration under the slogan “Labbayk Ya Rasulullah”.

During the celebration, Yemeni human rights activist Mohammed al-Zubaidi, confirmed that the Yemeni people prove every year that the celebration of prophet’s birthday is a part of the heritage of the supporters of Islam.

Al-Zubaidi noted the anniversary of the prophet’s birthday comes even though the Yemeni people are still facing the aggression war, for over five consecutive years of killing, destruction and siege.

“Although the Yemeni people suffer from siege and starvation, the people of Yemen still have the most wonderful meanings of values, loyalty and sincerity of belonging to the Prophet, fulfilling the call to celebrate this great occasion,” he added.

Al-Zubaidi denounced the campaign of insulting the Great Prophet Muhammad and the shameful attitudes of some Arab countries claiming to belong to the Prophet’s followers, considering that his morals and mission are meant for all of the world.

He pointed out that the biography of the Prophet is a good example that inspires the people of Yemen and increases patience, endurance and gives them strength and will in the face of the aggression.

The effectiveness of the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday was shown by a religious lecture on the biography of the Prophet, delivered by a sheikh who is a graduate of the famous Cairo university of Al-Azhar.

The prayers of Prophet songs and poems praising the love of the Prophet, and Yemeni folklore dances were performed with the voice of Yemeni singer Issa al-Laith.

The celebration of the prophet’s birthday has become an inherent event of the roots of every Yemenis wherever they exist, including the Yemeni diaspora in the United States.

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