Terrorist attack targets petrochemical plant in Venezuela

Terrorist attack targets petrochemical plant in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has on Sunday said that an attack against the country has taken place, targeting a petrochemical plant in the country.

“Yesterday there was an attack on an important petrochemical plant, a terrorist attack,” Maduro said on Twitter.

“These are direct terrorist attacks against Venezuela’s economy, industry and strategic sectors,” the president added.

He noted that this attack was planned in Colombia and directed by the United States.

On 28 November, the Venezuelan President already confirmed that a shooting took place at the large Amway oil refinery,and announced the arrest of two foreigners who were planning to assassinate political leaders.

Maduro described the situation in the country as an ongoing conspiracy against the lives of citizens and against strategic industries, such as energy supplies, oil production and processing, as well as government services.