Opinion: Jordan actively undermining Islamic world

Opinion: Jordan actively undermining Islamic world

By Damir Nazarov

Against the background of the destructive policies of the autocracies of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the political steps of the monarchy of Jordan are invisible, which by their nature are no less disastrous for the entire Ummah. The fact that official Amman allows Iraqi criminals to organize meetings to overthrow the government in Baghdad shows the monarchy’s hostile intentions towards Iraq.

This “unfriendly” foreign policy of Amman is nothing new. It is enough to recall the assistance to Syrian militants and joint exercises with Zionism. The Hashemite monarchy has always been an important player in the imperialists ‘ plans to counter the Islamic awakening. A vivid example is the history of support for Saddam against Iran.

The disastrous policy of the Jordanian regime for Muslims should not be surprising, because it is heavily dependent on the West and Saudi Arabia, which plays a special role in shaping the foreign and domestic policy of Amman.

The regime of Jordan will continue to parasitize the body of the Ummah, and as the main targets of aggression, the Royal entourage will choose two directions at once. The first is the continuation of the foreign policy struggle against the Axis of Resistance, and the second is the elimination of any attempts by the vast Palestinian population to assert itself.