US elections underway as millions of voters head to the polls

US elections underway as millions of voters head to the polls

Millions of US voters are heading to the polls on Tuesday to choose the name of the White House resident, amid exceptional circumstances, due to the corona virus pandemic and the heightened intensity of statements on the eve of the expected polling day.

According to media reports, nearly 100 million Americans voted early in the presidential election.

Millions are expected to vote in today’s ballot to choose between incumbent Republican president Donald Trump, who stepped up his rounds yesterday, and his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The Republican president and his Democratic rival exchanged sharp criticism on Monday night, urging voters to vote in battleground states in the latest round of the race.

Americans set a record for early voting on the last days of the campaign, with nearly 96 million people voting in the election, making up 70% of all voters in the 2016 election.

The election comes amid a number of complications, notably postal voting, and recent court decisions that gave some states several days to vote after November 3, which could delay the final outcome of the White House resident’s identity for four years to come.

Given the exceptional nature of the election this time around, technology platforms and networking companies have introduced a set of rules and protocols, about early announcements of election night.

In the context, Twitter, for example, explained that only 7 media outlets can be “relied upon to help officially announce the winner of the presidential race being ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS News, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News and NBC News.

The statement comes amidst continuous panic spread in mainstream media about alleged “meddling” by Russia, China or Iran, although none of these allegations have ever been proven.