Yemeni forces liberate more strategic areas near Ma’rib

Yemeni forces liberate more strategic areas near Ma’rib

The Yemeni army forces, backed by the Popular Committees have managed on Wednesday evening to take control over the strategic Mas camp, previously belonging to Saudi-led coalition forces in Al-Jada’an area, northwest of Ma’rib city, local sources reported.

The army forces and the Popular Committees fought fierce battles against the coalition forces during the past hours, during which they were able to clear the entire camp from all directions, the sources said.

The sources confirmed that the army and Popular Committees were able to repel a wide-scale attack of coalition’s mercenaries in Madghal district, leaving dozens of killed and wounded including commanders of coalition’s troops and Islah party’s militias.

Coalition’s forces sent military reinforcements in an attempt to retake over the areas which the army seized in al-Jadaan and Madghal districts, the sources added.

The sources declared that coalition’s troops suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment due to an offensive carried out by the army in al-Nadhood area