Al-Qaeda forces clash with Yemeni tribes

Al-Qaeda forces clash with Yemeni tribes

Al-Qaeda terrorists have on Saturday imposed a suffocating siege on the Yafa’i tribes in Lahj province for the second day in a row, local sources said

According to sources, members of the terrorist organisation blocked the road linking Bayda and Lahj provinces, in order to tighten the noose on the villages of Al-Arawi in al-Hadd area in Lahj.

Moreover, the sources said that on Friday, al-Qaeda members advanced from areas of control in al-Zaher district of Bayda governorate towards the areas of al-Hadd, in an attempt to take over the areas belonging to the Yafa’i tribes.

The sources added that the nearby al-Arawi tribes responded to the group’s attempts to organise raids against their lands, with clashes leading to several deaths and injuries between the two sides.

According to the sources, the terrorist organisation is seeking to put pressure on the al-Arawi and Yafa’i tribes to accept the expansion of takfiri organisations in their tribal ancestral lands.